Produce and Produce Bags : FAQ’s

Produce and Produce Bags – FAQ’s

Where does the produce at CSU’s stands and in the bags come from? Our produce is either grown at CSU’s urban mini-farms or by local family farmers from whom we purchase directly.

Is it Organic? What is “beyond organic”? CSU produce is grown organically, meaning naturally, without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilizers, but it is not certified organic. The certification process is onerous and expensive and difficult for small growers to participate in. Many small farmers who have grown organically for years have found it hard to become certified. At CSU we call our produce “beyond organic” to signify that it is grown organically, and that we choose not to participate in the certification process. Our buyers can visit our mini farms on many different occasions and participate with us to see for them selves how we grow our food.

Why does CSU emphasize local produce as much as organic? Some organic produce is grown many miles away and shipped or trucked long distances. So even though it is not sprayed it is still picked before it is ripe or ready and maybe even frozen. Also, the transporting process leaves a solid carbon footprint. Local produce is picked when it is at its peak, so it has more nutrients and more taste, it travels much shorter distances and the environmental impact is significantly reduced. The best combination for your health and for the planet is local and organic.

Why does CSU’s produce look different? The produce that most of us are used to purchasing and eating is grown on huge corporate farms and then shipped many miles. It is picked before it is ripe and is often sprayed and/or frozen to stay “good looking”. Produce begins to lose its nutrients as soon as it is picked. We work hard to harvest our produce the day we make your bags and to buy from local farmers who have just harvested. But, we don’t have refrigeration (and of course we don’t use sprays), and this is also the case for many of the farmers we work with. So your greens may look a little limp and your fruits and veggies may not all be the exact same size. But (as backed up by several studies) local beyond organic food has more nutrients and more taste. So, if the plums feel softer than the hard balls you are used to, give them a try, they are delicious.

Can CSU bags be customized; if I don’t like turnips can you give me something else instead? We don’t do any customizations, one of the reasons we can keep our prices so low is that we keep administrative costs minimal. We have also heard from many subscribers that when they get an item in their bag along with nutritional information and a recipe they try it and find that they actually like it and in this way have eaten things they would not have previously.

What happens if I don’t pick up my bag? If, you don’t come and pick up your bag you forfeit it and it will be donated or used in some way.

Can I have a break in receiving paid bags? Yes, if you know that you cannot pick up your bag on any given week as long as you inform us by the Tuesday morning of that week, we will carry that bag over so that you don’t lose it.

How many people does one bag feed and what do we get? This really depends on how much produce you use. But for the average American, the small bag can provide enough produce for one to two people in a given week. The large bag can do the same for 3 to 4 people. There is an assortment of vegetables and fruits depending on the season and what is at its best locally.

Can you deliver the bags? As of now we only deliver to large groups such as workspaces and there is a fee for the service. But at some point we would like to start bike deliveries to individuals in our immediate neighborhood.

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