Sustainable Transport Collective

The Sustainable Transport Collective seeks to advance environmental justice by actively promoting alternative, environmentally sustainable fuels for automotive transport while reducing the effects of automotive pollution. In 2006 CSU hosted a training and converted a diesel school bus to run on recycled vegetable oil. The CSU Veggie Bus conversion project will be done in Fall 2007 and include a mural depicting CSU’s work covering the entire bus. In the future the Veggie Bus will be used in multiple ways: as a demonstration vehicle to teach about alternative fuels, as a distribution vehicle for the Village Marketplace project and to take youth from the GH and FGU programs on field trips. We also hope to create an income generating business that will collect and redistribute used cooking oil from area restaurants other veggie-oil powered vehicles.

Calling Local Bike Enthusiasts

As part of our commitment to sustainable transport CSU has had a vision to use bikes for day to day travel between our program sites and for making local produce bag deliveries. We have been helped in beginning to make this a reality by two things; the inspiration of Santropolroulant’s meals on wheels program and the unstoppable enthusiasm of the folks at the Bike Oven link. These amazing people have made a commitment to help us establish a fleet of bikes (they have already donated two, one of them specially built to carry lots of stuff) and more importantly to share the skills and knowledge of bike upkeep and maintenance. Especially exciting is that Bike Oven mechanics are designing a bike that will be used to power a blender for our smoothie stand!

To solidify this initiative we are looking for anyone local who has experience with bikes and the enthusiasm to help us maintain our bikes as we begin to put them to heavy use. CSU is never interested in re-inventing the wheel and with such a wonderful bike shop so close by we will continue to build our partnership with Bike Oven to organize small workshops and demos in our neighborhood, but still carry out major repairs at the Oven, which would be organized by this new volunteer.

Interested? Send an email to Dyanep1(at)csuinc.org